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Happy Wandering!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Yey! its 2015..

Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope this year will bring tons of blessings and happiness for us and more traveling opportunities to come :)

2014 has been a great year for us, where I believe all of you have been traveled at least one new destination. For myself, 2014 let me discover some new places as you can see in my posts, but the most memorable one is at the end of 2014, My boyfriend and I explored Lombok and Sumbawa by Vespa. It was amazing and I found so much fun.
I will share the story ASAP, as I just back from the trip last night (I need time for preparing the story)

Well, last but not least.. ENJOY 2015 and HAPPY TRAVELING!



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lembongan and Ceningan Island Hoper

Lembongan and Ceningan Island are located in the south east part of Bali. It took 30 minutes from Sanur by fast boat. The idea to visit this island was coming from my friend Henny. She wanted to make a lil high school reunion with our “gang” back then, so she set up a group on WhatsApp and invited 6 of us (GA, Fitri, Angel, Marin and me-Guteri).Unfortunately, GA and Marin couldn’t come; GA was working and Marin still on her internship on becoming a doctor.

Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan (red dot)

Blue Point

The rest of us set 24th July as the first day of vacation and in this time we will only spend 3D2N in the island. We booked a bunk room for 4 pax at Le Pirate-Nusa Ceningan for only IDR 600.000/day exclude breakfast. We were so excited to be there, as it looks nice in the Instagram and website.

On 24th July at 9am, we were all gathered at Sanur, where the boat was waiting for us. At 10 am, the boat crew invited us to get on the boat. The boat name’s is Marlin. We pay IDR 120.000/pax for return tickets. It was a sunny day and our boat was full with tourists and locals heading to Lembongan.

Our motorbike is Our Hero

Selfie at the Super Famous "Love Bridge"
After 30 minutes, we finally arrived at Mushroom beach. Mushroom is one of white sandy beaches with the blue crystal water in Nusa Lembongan. Right after we touched our feet on the sand, we were welcomed by locals who tried to offer places to stay, bike for rent or some snorkeling and mangrove tours. Our accommodation is in Nusa Ceningan, approximately 15-20 minutes from Mushroom beach, so we decided to rent 2 motorbikes. With IDR 70.000/motor/day, we got the key to explore both of the islands.

We found our motorbikes were quite funny, they don’t have the police number and reaview mirrors; not safety but it challenged us especially most of the road are rocky and holey. We were heading to Le Pirate, passing the small rocky road enclosed by trees and local houses, dogs crossed the road, children chattering and in the south of the island, we found another hidden paradise, where the seaweeds lives  on the turquoise clear water with seaweed farmer took care of them. We were in love with the atmosphere and the vibe as well.

To get to Ceningan Island, we should cross a long yellow bridge known as Love Bridge. The width is 1 meter and approximately 100 meter long. We were queuing with other bikers who want to cross the bridge. We reached Le Pirate 10 minutes after crossing the bridge and we were highly happy to arrive in one of the most unique accommodations in Bali and beyond.
our lovely beach hut at Le Pirate
Welcome to our Kingdom!

It’s quite early to check-in; furthermore our room was being prepared by the housekeepers. FYI, Le Pirate has in total 8 rooms, 2 bunk rooms which can consists 4 pax per room and the rest are double room with maximum capacity 2 pax per room. It has a pool, with bar next to it and surely a terrace above sea which become a perfect place to get tanned!
While waiting for the room, we were enjoyed a glass of lemonade as the welcome drink and to feed our belly we chose pork fried rice for lunch! Yummy
After finished lunch and got our stuff in the bunk room, we rid the motorbike around the island of Ceningan. We went to the south part and found secret beach, blue lagoon and jumping point. We couldn’t do the jump because the tide was low and the wind blowing so fast. So instead of jumping, we were taking picture of our feet in the jumping point!

Our tummy got hungry super-fast here, so we headed to Jungut Batu at Lembongan Island to carving for some foods. Ayam lalapan (fried Chicken with raw veggies) become our bullets. Done with second lunch, we went to mangrove beach to book a snorkeling tour for the next day. Pak Nano, owner of Nano Warung and snorkeling tour offered us a super friendly price – IDR 50.000, - for 2 snorkeling tour and mangrove tour, and YES! We booked it. We then back to the hotel and bought some meatballs and fried banana for snack. The rest of the day, we spent at Le Pirate, swimming and sharing.

We woke up at 6 am in the morning. It’s weird because we never woke up early on working day. We decided to have breakfast at Pak Nano’s Warung before explore the beauty Lembongan’s and Penida’s underwater. The wind is quite strong; Pak Nano suggested waiting for an hour. While waiting for the wind to be calmer, we were having breakfast. Bu Nano served us the today best omelet and pancake in the island of Lembongan.

Off to The Wall - Penida

our exited faces
The time has come!!!! Pak Nano let us fit the fin, google and snorkel – because in 10 minutes we all were going to hit the boat and starting the tourJ. Our first stop is in the wall of Penida, the wind was still strong and it made big waves hit the boat. But we were lucky to have Pak Nano with us; he’s a strong and kind man.

In the wall of Penida, we snorkeling around the colorful fish, the sea was so clear. We took pictures, selfie and totally happy to mingle with the underwater creatures. There were some tourists who snorkeling with us, some of them were divingJ. We snorkeled for 1 hour and then continue to the next stop over which was mangrove point.
Pak Nano gave us bread to feed the fish which for me it was the wrong thing to do, because one day it will change the habit of the fish itself. But, it just my opinion, it could be right or wrong J because the wave was getting big and strong, we decided to went back home. My head even hit the boat because of it -_-!

Touch Down
Happy in Blue
Feeding Frenzy
As we arrived at Warung Nano, Mrs Nano served us with Balinese grilled fish with fresh young coconut water. Totally heaven on earth!! Mangrove tour is the last tour of the day. We hopped on a white boat and down the mangrove bank. We heard the bird chirping and saw the crabs hanging in the mangrove’s root. The sunshine emerged through the leaves and bounced by the water enhanced the beauty of the place. What a lovely moment. After 20 minutes sailed along the mangrove forest we went back to Le Pirate. We end the day by watched the sunset in the poolside with beer relaxed our body.
BFF+Sunbathing+Young Coconuut = HEAVEN

Mangrove Explorer

Beauty and Mangrove

The last day in Ceningan Island was the day where we woke up late and swimming in the seaweed beach in front of Le Pirate. Time went faster and its check out time. Last but not least we were so happy to have Dream beach as the final place to visit. Again we took pictures and a quick sunbath for Henny. We dropped our motorbike and walking to the beach where the boat was waiting to take us back to Bali.

I hate when holiday comes an end, but I always believe that EVERY END IT’S THE NEW BEGINNING. So, see you in the new beginning!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Perfect Getaway at Love Fashion Hotel

Have you ever imagined, staying in one of the most stylish hotels in one of Bali’s best tourist areas with affordable price? Love Fashion Hotel by Fashion TV is the answer. Located in Jalan Raya Legian No. 121 Kuta – Bali, this hotel is the 1st world class hotel brand by fashiontv. Modern, stylish, sexy and glamorous showed by the icon of diamonds for the touch of the amenities all around the hotel. Love Fashion Hotel features 202 rooms, with 191 rooms and 11 suites on the top floor. All of the rooms and suites are equipped with flat screen TV, comfortable bed configuration, mini bar with selected of complimentary Fashion Love beverages for guests.


Love Fashion Hotel - Legian Bali

Opening on August 2014, Love Fashion Hotel is designed by the famous Marques & Jordy, London. Once you step in the hotel, the catwalk Lobby will attract your attention and makes you feel like top model. Managed by Budsan International, Love F Hotel offers you 1 stop entertaining; White Diamond Restaurant is Italian fine dining restaurant serving superbly crafted menus of Italian cuisine, Black Diamond Restaurant serves top quality international cuisine, and Love Café is for fashionable guest who wants to enjoy sandwich, pastry, chocolate & coffee. One for sure, Love F Hotel won’t let you hungry because it has the 24 hours in room dining J Merchandise store is available with Bali’s top designer collection and international top brands to keep you stylish!

Fashion Suite

Party Lovers! Don’t miss the exclusive love bar at the top of the Hotel. It gives you the unique way of enjoying Bali’s nightlife. Private Cabana offers the perfect escape and exclusiveness of the hotel for individual or small group. Furthermore Love F Hotel has Jacuzzi bar for you to boosting up your day with tapas, tasty tidbits and fancy tropical cocktails. Put your bikini on ladies!!!! WOohooooo

Love Bar

Love Cafe

Enjoy the Promo:
1.    From IDR 1.100.000 ++/room/night *valid until December 20th 2014
2.    50% discount all food items from 3-8pm at Love Café
3.    1 price for 2 menu at Black Diamond Restaurant for only 99K++

For more information please visit

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lombok Weekend Getaway!!!

Saturday, 5th July 2014

Nothing could make me happier when Arifin and I just spontaneously decided to have a weekend getaway in Lombok.
We just having a relax Saturday in Virgin Beach, Karangasem-Bali when the idea popped in our head. I directly called mba Eva (she lives in Lombok). One thing that I knew for sure that she will be happy having us visiting her lil family and asking us out to have fun in Lombok.
After a cheerful convo with Eva, Arifin and I got on the vespa and off to the port at Padang Bai - Karangasem.
We got ferry ticket for 7pm and it cost IDR 112.000,- per motorbike. It took 4 hours to get Lombok and I spent my precious 4 hour sleeping in the couch.
We arrived at 11 pm then directly heading to Mataram-the city centre. Eva sent me her location and we thank Google for not letting us get lost in the middle of the night.
Arriving to Eva’s home, we are welcomed with warm hugs from her and warm smile from Mas Alta (Eva’s hubby), her lil bro, Ardi and her friends. Eva served us with delicious foods and we were so exciting that we could meet after plenty of plans on meeting each other.
I’ts 4 a.m and I hoammmm fell asleep…zZZzzzzZZZZZZzzzz

Sunday, 6th July

Yuhuuuu. Welcome sunny Sunday!!! We’re planning to explore Selong Belanak and Semeti Beach at the south part of Lombok.
We are so exciting!! Due to fasting time, we bring our own lunch box and snacks, just in case nobody sells lunch. It’s only three of us, Arifin, Eva and me. We drove motorbike to reach the location; it’s the cheapest and easiest way to travel.
After 2 hours of driving through the corn field, green-yellow hills with palm trees along side of the road, we finally arrive at Selong Belanak Beach.. I can’t stand for its beauty. The crystal blue water, the sun, the hills and the landscape is soo perfect. I just can’t find the right word to express.
Selong Belanak Beach-Lombok

Selong Belanak beach is the perfect beach for swimming, learning surfing and sunbathing or just hang out with friends. The local built bamboo huts (which for me is very eco-friendly) as beach hut café for the visitor. They served us grilled fish, young coconut, soft drinks and snacks.

Semeti Beach-Lombok

Feels like I'm on the top of the world :)

We spent 3 hours at Selong Belanak and at 4 pm we continued to Semeti Beach. Semeti Beach is located 15 minutes from Selong Belanak Beach. It offers scenic panorama along the way to the beach. Once we arrived, I felt peace and happy. For me Semeti Beach has two souls, because when I stood in the middle of the beach, in my right side I could see the beach of everyone’s dream and on my left side I could travel back many years ago. It’s because of the stone which look similar like what I’ve seen in the Flintstone movie. And also, it looks like kryptonite but its black and brown. You could find plenty of them unite and become stunning stone hills.


Me and Mba Eva

I thank God for this wonderful experience and  I hope whoever reads this article will soon go to Lombok and find these two paradises.
There so much more hidden paradises to be explored in Lombok, but times run out quickly and I need to go back to Bali to work and saving for another trip and adventures.

See you in the other thousand words….
  • Special thanks to Mba Eva and Mas Altha. Hope to see you guys soon!
  • For my Holland sister, Doris: I wish you were here, enjoying the journey. But I believe sooner or later will be travelling together and I hope Milly would like to join J  Kuss kuss

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sekumpul Waterfall, Sekumpul Village, Singaraja

Located in the north of Bali, approximately 3 hours driving from Denpasar (city center),  Sekumpul waterfall is a perfect getaway for Summer.

The breathtaking atmosphere, green hills make me fall in love with this place. The retribution for domestic tourist is IDR 2000 and for international tourist is around IDR10000- IDR 20000

I suggest you to go there in the afternoon on a sunny day. You will be welcomed by beautiful rainbow.
So peaceful and lovely!!!

PS: don't forget to bring your camera and get your best selfie!!!!

Breathtaking View of Sekumpul Waterfall

Look at the Rainbow!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


In the end of November 2013, Rakata Adventure invited friends and business partners to visit one of the beautiful villages in Jatiluwih Area, Gunung Sari Village. It is located in Tabanan regency, approximately 2 hours of driving from Denpasar.
Gunung Sari is a part of Jatiluwih. It is famous with Balinese traditional irrigation system called Subak. Furthermore, it has plenty of natural resources, art & culture and its community way of life which is very interesting to explore.
Since Jatiluwih is one of the World Heritage Site, it is necessary for the community to develop and protect their village. Regarding to the issue, Samdhana Institute together with Rakata Adventure and local community designed a community development program which supports the local to become independent on promoting and running Gunung Sari Village as a tourist destination.
This program is participated by photographer, Balinese dancer, runner, and cyclist. Every guest was able to share and mix their knowledge with the local. It’s lovely to see how the local and the guests were blended together.
Kriss, Wira and I were discussing with two local boys on creating a 10K running course map in Desa Gunung Sari. With endomondo and nike + on hand as the GPS we began to run.
The first 1.5km, we were running in the road, we enjoyed the engagement of yellow and green colors from the rice field. In the next 2.5 km we were running in the pathway and we could see the local harvesting and some of them ploughed the field with tractors and also with cows
Entering 4km of walking (we were taking a lot of pictures instead of running) we passed through a Big Temple. The temple was hidden by big trees and we could hear the birds tweeted all way long.
In the next 4 km we were again welcomed by the green lush of the field rice, but the route became hard. It’s wet, muddy and surely slippery. For the trail lovers, this could be very interesting route to enjoy. In the other side of the pathway, a small river accompanied us and running with us
We finish our “runtastic” on 2 hours and 17 minutes and as the result, we got this beautiful route for the village. 

Last but note least, I would like to ask runner/non runner or simply just a fun runner just like me to enjoy running at Gunung Sari. It is more than getting healthy or following passion as a true runner, it is the way you contribute to Gunung Sari local community. LET’S RUN FOR RUNNING THE VILLAGE

Friday, December 13, 2013

Travel on Duty!!!

Hi all, at this time I would like to share about some destination I visited this year.
Most of the destinations I visit are the places where I have project with the company I work with.
At the beginning of this year I worked for BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2013 (BMBM’13). Mr Andreas as the project manager asked me to join the team as the project administrative. It’s a big pleasure for me to work with him. I first worked with him on Bali Triathlon 2012. The main base of BMBM’13 project is in Bali, so we spent a lot of time arranging the event in Bali. One day I have an opportunity to go to Jakarta to help the promotion of BMBM’13 by held Jakarta Mini Marathon at Senayan. Jakarta Mini Marathon was a continuance of Bali Mini Marathon which was held in Renon, Bali.
The runners were exited to running 5km. They queued to get the BIB and free T-Shirt.  It was a grateful moment meeting new people and I was WOWING to see their enthusiasm on running as a healthy life style.  I only spend one day in Jakarta, so after the mini race I took a flight back to Bali J

At the same time I also worked with Cious Magazine. It’s a free pocket travelling magazine in Bali. So once more I got a plenty of opportunity to travel on duty. The destination I visited with Cious Magazine team was basically in Bali. We went to Menjangan Island in the West Bali National Park. Menjangan means Kijang in Bahasa or Deer in English. It took 20 minutes using boat to reach the island. We put then snorkel, goggle and the fins on and splashing together into the blue sky water. Menjangan Island has a wonderful life underwater. Things that you should do in Menjangan Island are snorkeling, diving, swimming, exploring the island or just lay in the beach J

After BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2013, I joint Rakata Adventure Bali. Rakata provides training for team building, survival training and also an event organizer. As a staff in Rakata, I’m not longer working for Cious Magazine, but I sometime helping BMBM ’13 team to working on race event. On September 29th traveled to Bromo to become a volunteer of Bromo Marathon 2013. I was excited to be there because I want to celebrate my 24th birthday seeing the first sunrise at Bromo. I went there with Yudi, a friend from BMBM’13. Yudi is originally from Pasuruan which is settled very close to Bromo Mountain. It was my first time wen to Bromo. We drove a car for approximately 10 hours from Denpasar. Yudi is a very nice friend. He told everything about Bromo and served me the traditional dishes. We arrived in Wonokitri village on 2 am. Luckily it wasn’t cold as I thougt. So I enjoy the night watching the stars in the clear night sky and breathe the very fresh air from the pine forest along the way. Oia.. Happy birthday Guteri!!! JJJ Wish you have wonderful years ahead. I was planning to go see the sunrise as the birthday present for me. Yudi order me a biker to drove me to the Bromo Sunrise View Point and yes,, the cold air made me couldn’t feel my finger. I’m freezing. But the pain was paid. I really love the sunrise and of course the Mt Bromo itself. Many sellers offered the fried banana and French Fries in Bromo ways. On my way back to Wonokitri, I saw “the love hill”,in this area you could see the Bromo Mt with different angle. It’s terrifically beautiful. If you are visiting Bromo, don’t forget to taste the cow fresh milk. Yummy!!!!

After Bromo, I went back to Bali. Rakata has a community development program in Jatiluwih, one of the world heritage sites. Jatiluwih is known as a rice producer, especially red rice. It also famous with the irrigation system called Subak, which supporting the sustainable of the rice field. What surprised me most is the hidden waterfall in the garden of the local. The waterfall is really beautiful and safe to swim.  Rakata helps Jatiluwih society, especially Gunung Sari village for developing them to be ready to serve tourists independently from preparing the accommodation, the trip, the guide, the entertainment, the traditional cuisine and many more. So, if you want to go to Jatiluwih, you can directly go there (Gunung Sari Village), ask to the local to prepare you a room, take you to the hidden paradise in Jatiluwih, let you taste the great traditional cuisine and learn the Subak system from the expert. It’s a new way to travel, beside you gain more new experience you also directly support the local. Either you or local are happy.

One day after Jatiluwih, I continued my duty trip to Makassar, South Celebes. I was excited to be there. In Makassar we have Makassar Semi Marathon 2013 project. I went to Makassar with 12 friends. We are a part of race management team. First time landed, we were welcoming by the taxi driver. Lil’ bit story about the driver, he drove very fast. My heart was about to jumping outta my chest!!!! We are safely arrived at Daeng Tompo Street, where our hotel took place. I was happy to know that we stayed closed to the famous LOSARI beach (Sad Fact: rubbish is everywhere in Losari BeachL).
Yiihhaaaaa. Dinner time!!! I disappointed with my dinner. It’s really below my expectation. I ate nasi daging. It’s bloddy hard to chew. Hmmm. My other big plan in Makassar was to enjoying the food. Coto Makassar, Palubasa, Es Pisang Ijo, Pisang Epe, and Mie Titi were the kind of food I tasted. To be honest, none of them I like. Sorry. I don’t really have much time to travelling around Makassar. The only place I visited beside Pantai Losari was Fort Rotterdam, one of historical building from Dutch era. It’s a nice place. I love the architecture. Thing that attracted me most about Makassar was the shopping time. I love the linen!! The patterns were so nice and it’s so Makassar the seller said J

I thank God for every chance to visit those beautiful places and THANK GOD IT’S INDONESIAAAAAAA J

Friday, January 25, 2013

We Heart Beach!!!!

That will always be the best moment of my life..
I love the beach and everything on it..
In this Friday, me and my two beloved friesta (friend ad sister) Michelle and Helen were went to Gunung Payung beach in Kampial, Ungasan...
Its one of the best beaches in Bali. It's located in the south part of Bali, approximatelly 10 minutes from Nusa Dua. It's a great place to sunbathing, swimming and surfing..
The Green Hill
Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung is a white sandy beach. its sooo natural and nice. you have to pass hundreds of stairway to reach the beach. Its pretty exhausted but its worth the pain.. :D  You can enjoy the scenic scenery with green hills.  
White Sandy Beach
Foreign surfer came to dance with the wave of the beach. The beach seemed like private beach, because few people come to enjoy the beauty. i think its because of the access (the stairway :D)

If  you're one of the adventure lovers, Gunung Payung Beach is one of the beach that you should visit when you in bali.

Happy travelling people!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

coral rehabilitation

please check my video by click and wonder how we could contribute to safe the coral reef...