Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Busy Batur

Here’s the story of our journey To Mt. Batur

December 2nd 2011

It started in a rush. Everybody wasn't ready for the hike. We were invited by Eka and friends. On my group, we had Jovan, Wahyu, Agung, Janet and I, on the other group were Eka, Yoga and Windy.

First, we all went to Bangli, to Penglipuran Village to met Wahyu. Eka and friends was waiting us at Penelokan, near Mt. Batur.  My group went separately. Jovan went first because he had to drop Mrs. Tirta (our lecturer) at Sanur Beach Hotel to attend a meeting. I went with Janet and we waited for 2 hours for Beni and Agung in KFC Sanur, because they hadn’t prepared yet. Damn!!! After two hours of waiting, they came and we just realized that we forgot bring our tent. That was a mess!!! We had a little tension blaming at each other. After had a call with Eka, she guaranteed that their tent met the amount of us. So we decided to continue our trip.
Once we arrived in Penglipuran, we went to Wahyu’s home. We met his lovely parents; they welcomed us friendly and made us feel like home. Penglipuran is one of tourism villages in Bali. It attracts a lot of tourist to come and see the uniqueness it has such as the traditional houses which are all the same and their tradition and way of life. After had a little chit chat with the parents, we all were off to Penelokan, Kintamani to met Eka and friends. We talked for a while and made a little introduction, because most of my team didn’t know Eka’s friends. 

It took 15-20 minutes to reach the Batur centre of information for trekking from Penelokan. We all registered and paid IDR 10.000 for the retribution that will be using for conservation. We got some information about do and don’t while trekking. We didn’t hire a guide or porter. We wanted to keep our journey became our own adventure. 

Comparing with Rinjani, Batur is easier to hike. We only need 2-3 hours to the peak. There were flies around the mountain. It’s kinda disgusting, especially when we the flies covered all our backpack and body. Yaksss. I hate it so much, but kept going. In the middle of the route, we found a white cloth covered around the mountain. It’s the tradition of Balinese which is against the earthquake that happened few months ago. They did it in order to ask God to keep them safe and there won’t be any disaster attacks them.
Hiked Batur is easy and fun to do. It was sweaty, dusty yet dirty and rocky. We had to be careful because it’s slippery. Finally, we reached the peak. It’s cloud up here. But we still had fun. We tried to find a perfect spot to built our tent, and in 10 minutes our tent stand perfectly :D. We took some pictures and made video of us. We crazily happy talking about the hike, there were a lot of silly stories. Most of them were new on hike a mountain, so they were so excited once they reached the peak and built a tent. They happy, that finally they could sleep under the tent. Hahah. 

We stayed in a big tent with a hole in its door, so we could feel the wind came into tent. It’s fit for 9 pax. We collected the branches and lit the fire. We gathered around the fire and had dinner. It was a simple dinner. Biscuits, peanuts and breads become the appetizer. We mostly brought snacks and milks. We were sharing about traveling and talking about jokes. That night was fun and we spent the rest of the night laughing at each other on the tent.
the temple and the white cloth
hike hike hike to the top

December 3rd 2011

We woke up on 5 a.m. unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the sunrise because of cloud. We decided to go down the mountain and starting clear up everything. It only needed 1 hour to go down the mountain. After a long way down the mountain, we arrived at the information centre. We went to the hot spring that organized by local people to warm up, but sadly it’s closed. So we went to local warung and enjoyed Babi Guling for breakfast. It tasted good and hot. We went back to Wahyu’s home; his parents served us some tropical fruits and traditional snack called RUJAK CEMCEM. It’s sour and fresh. We cleaned up ourselves and took some rest. On the evening before we went back to Nusa Dua, we explored the village. It’s my 4 or 5 times being there but I never get bored with the village. We took some pictures, then prepared to Nusa Dua.
For me, it’s hard to end a trip. I feel like I lose some energy. But I believe there will thousands of journeys that I will pass ahead. And it’ll be fun, fierce and phenomenal.
See you in my next trip!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rushy Rinjani

June, 30th 2010

It's 4.49 in the morning. I am sitting down on my caught listening to ABBA songs covered by mamma mia players. In 5 minutes ahead i will take a bath and prepare for GET LOST IN LOMBOK!!!
This is one of my crazy trips. I'm traveling with my brother yet besties Jovan and Benni. Our goal is to reach the peak of Mt. Rinjani. We're gonna backpacking around the district and build our own tent that we bought in Ace Hardware. We're planning to traveling for 4-5 days by using motorcycle, so here's the routeplan:
Nusa Dua-----Padang Bai------Lembar------Sekotong-------Mataram------Senggigi------Gillis------Senaru/Sembalun-------Rinjani-----Backhome. I believe it will be the most delusional trip of mine :D
We're bikepackers!!!!
Jovan, Guteri,Benni
08.42 a.m.
Jovan, Benni and I are on the boat (Ferry). We continue our trip from Padang Bali to Lembar Bay Lombok. It's very hot up here (we are in the top of the boat), we are sitting in the 3rd deck near the crew's cabin. Its gonna take 4 hours to cross the ocean. We pay IDR 101.000 per motor bike use the service of Ferry. Our first plan arriving in Lombok is having lunch. We are all FUNGRY, then we gonna take a walk to the nearest city for buying some food (we aren't let ourselves run out of food). After all, we are planning to go to Sekotong where the beautiful beaches and the exotic panorama is settled. It will be great. I wanna snorkel and swim. Lombok!!! Here We Are!!!

 Sekotong. Its nice but scary

08.05 p.m
Somewhere, nowhere in Lombok
We just arrived in the land full of grass and cows. We start to build a tent. I’m so happy that we find the perfect place to rest. We passed through Senggigi and the Gilis. We bought coconut and bakso and its funny how a monkey stole Jovan’s coconut. Hahahah. We’re laughing and laughing. Tomorrow we’ll going to Senaru and starting hike the Mt. Rinjani!!! Yeyeyeyeyeyeye. By the way, we went to Sekotong and we got nothing but fear. The community told us about the the thief near the hills. We went along the road and became scared so we decided to turn around and went to the north.

somewhere in lombok

Senaru, Lombok. July 4th 2011

Happy Independence Day for American!!!!


Here I am, in the front of my homestay’s terrace. Yesterday we’ve just back from hiking Mt.Rinjani. We hked Rinjadi on Friday, 1st of 2011. It was a long long story. When we arrived at Senaru (the starting point for hiking and also the information centre) we bought a map of trekking Mt RInjani which is cost IDR 20.000. We were in the wrong place, because if we wanted to hike to the peak of Mt.Rinjani we have to start our trip from Sembalun, because it’s hard to get the peak from Senaru. At first, we all keep wanting Peak of Rinjani as our main goal, so we paid IDR 10.000 for entry and conservation cost  then we starting hike.

First of all, we all got tired because of our heavy carrier. We continuously took a rest after 5 minutes walk because of the paths are sheer and climb. The atmosphere was nice and fresh. The fog was covered the forest. It’s very breathtaking moment. We clearly hear the bird’s tweets. We didn’t hire a porter neither a guide. We did the hike by our own. It’s fun and easy to hike Rinjani because you’ll meet plenty of hikers and you can ask them about the routes. After 30-60 minutes’ walk, we arrived at the Gate to Rinjani National Park. We thought it was the first post, but as always we’re wrong and again we’re starting to laugh at each other.

Next we went to trough the forest and we arrive at the 1st post. We’re so excited because we could take some rest. The porter that we met was very strong and kind. They could reach the 3rd post in 3 hours, and what was happening with us??? We need 6 hours to reacher the 3rd post. Poor us!! But, FYI this is the first time we hike a mountain and people said that Rinjani is very hard to reach especially for newbie. Heheheh. So it counts!!!! Finally we arrived at 3rd post. At first we want to build our tent at Cemara tiga, but because of one of us (Benni) got cramp, so we couldn’t reach the Cemara Tiga. Its close to dark when we arrive at 3rd Post. We built our tent and prepare our dinner which was instant noodles and SUKRO (named of peanuts). The night was so damn cold. We tried to get the best sleep position to get warm but the damn cold air kept beating our bones. 
Break Time = Photo Shoot

Early in the morning we woke up and starting packing.  We had a bread and milk for breakfast. We continue our trek to Plawangan 1 where you can see the beautiful Segara anak Lake and the peak of Rinjani and Mt.Baru. The view was so AMAZING. The savanna covered the land and edelweiss was everywhere.  We spent more time to take some pictures. We didn’t want to waste the precious moment that we got. I really love the moment. After an exhausted hiked we finally could see one of the most amazing creatures of God!!! This is one of my best holyday with my best guys. That was the sweetest escape for me. After 3-4 hours climbing, we finally reach The 1st Plawangan. That was rocky path and slippery. So we have to be careful to take every step. When I arrived, I was speechless. That was a breathtaking moment. I could see the beautiful stunning of Mt Rinjani and the Segara anak lake. I didn’t even think about my tiredness. The edelweiss made the view greater than we ever seen. After saw the magnificent panorama we decided to continue our way down the Lake.  We wanted to build our tent close to the lake.  
The Famous Segara Anak Lake with Mt Baru and Mt Rinjani

 After 3 hours walking down the dusty, rocky and slippery hills we finally arrived at the Lake bank.  We felt so sad because of the vandalism in the beautiful volcanic stone and rubbish everywhere. The trekkers could bring the negative impact for the sustainable of the environment. Its dirty!!!! The lake was even worse, there were hundreds of rubbish and pup everywhere. The government should take it seriously. We set up the tent and went to hot spring. FYI we never took a bath and brushed our teeth during the hike. Hahahah. Kinda disgusting moment, but we made it fun. Hahaha. We went to hot spring and we met a lot of trekkers. They also enjoyed the hot spring like we did.  We spent 2 hours warm up and relaxed our muscles in the hot spring until our hands and legs got wrinkles. After that, we back to tent and sleep. The night became colder than night before. Thank God we don’t need to hike to the top. We didn’t bring any sleeping bag and we didn’t want to got hypothermic.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 
-->We prayed so that the morning came quick.
We just reached the Plawangan 1!!! YEY

The Savana......
The Hot Spring
Its a long way down

At 5 a.m. in the morning, we packed our rucksack and clear up the tent.  Its very cold in the morning, our lips became purple yet dry and our hands could feel nothing. We lit the fire but it didn’t work. Our blood was frozen. It was the most froze moment I ever been. But we kept fighting against the cold and start climb. The way back to Senaru was fun and quick. We met our new friend, Arif. He’s from Madiun and he’s a teacher. We shared a lot about hike a mountain. At the end of our trekking we decided to live in homestay. Finally I got bed for my back. Hehehe.  Opps  I got some edelweiss on my backpack. I broke the rules. Hehehehe. 

At 5 a.m. in the morning, we packed our rucksack and clear up the tent.  Its very cold in the morning, our lips became purple yet dry and our hands could feel nothing. We lit the fire but it didn’t work. Our blood was frozen. It was the most froze moment I ever been. But we kept fighting against the cold and start climbing. The way back to Senaru was fun and quick. We met our new friend, Arif. He’s from Madiun and he’s a teacher. We shared a lot about hike a mountain. At the end of our trekking we decided to live in homestay. Finally I got bed for my back. Hehehe.  Opps  I got some edelweiss on my backpack. I broke the rules. Hehehehe. 
unknown beach

On our way back to Bali, we dropped Mas Arif at the Gillis, the we found the pristine beach which is we don’t know the name. its unknown. Haha. We bought some coconut from the local, each costed IDR 2000, we swam and took some pictures. After had fun, we took bath at well with the cows. Ahahah. We took the water and washed ourselves. Its nice and traditionally fun!!!!!

Pangandaran-West Java

November 8th 2010

Yey! I’m in Pangandaran right now. Once I feel so depressed bcause I have a lotta thing to do. But in other hand, I think this 2 week ahead will be the best time during my internship program. Indonesian Ecotourism Network or Indecon is the NGO I work with (trainee). They send me to Pangandaran to learn more about their biggest project in time which is Destination Management Organization based on Community Based Tourism in Pangandaran. This is my second time visiting Pangandaran. First time I came here was also with Indecon. We came on fasting time, so it’s hard for me to find places to eat. To reach Pangandaran from Jakarta we spend 6 hours using private car. It’s a long way down journey yet exhausted.
White Sandy Beach
This time I lived in Local Working Group (LWG) Pangandaran base camp. I called it “office house” because it’s LWG’s office and also home for people who come to Pangandaran and work with Indecon. LWG is the organization I work with during my stay in Pangandaran. I currently live in the house with Mr.Chairul and Eben.
Workshop is the program I’m attending right now. It’s about the program on developing Pangandaran as a Tourism Destination. Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) as a planner is working together with Indecon, LWG Pangandaran and the Government of Ciamis Regency. By the way I hate that most of participants in this workshop are smoking in the meeting room. Its which is an air conditioned room. Hmmmm.
I’m so excited to be here, so here are the things to do in Pangandaran based on information that I get:
Let’s start from the most important one (the reason why I’m here):
·         Mapping
Me and my friend (eben) will bike around Pangandaran and revise the old map of Pangandaran because there are some mistakes on the old one.
·         Tour Classification, we will divide the tour based on ecotourism principles. It’s also kind of product survey.
·         Market Survey, we will spread the questionnaire for domestic and international tourist who visiting Pangandaran. Its about why they choose Pangandaran, what they like and don’t like in Pangandaran, what they do In pangandaran, how they get the information and many more.
·         Last but not least is helping the LWG during their community development program inn Pangandaran.
Snorkeling Set
List for Having FUN!!!
·         Snorkeling (the cheapest one)
In Pangandaran we can snorkeling by spend only IDR15.000 for snorkel, google and fin. And there’s no time limit. Wow!!! I’m waiting for the best time for snorkeling. I can’t wait toput my google on!!!
·         River Cruising (Green Canyon)
This is the most wanted spot I want to visit in Pangandaran. When people talked about Pangandaran, they talked about Green Canyon. So, I have to put this spot on my most wanted spot list.
·         Batu Karas (Surfing)
It’s a Beach for surfing.  What about learn to surf?? It’s my guilty pleasure. Let’s rock the wave!!!
·         Taman Wisata ALam (Nature Reserve)
The waterfall sets in Nature Reserve is the place I want to visit. I also want to explore the forest and find the white sandy beach. Uhuuiiiii.
·         Body tubing (Citumang River)
One of my LWG colleague said that Citumang river is better than Green Canyon, and I just like REALY????  So, let’s see what lies behind CITUMANG river
·         Meet the locals
Local communities in Pangandaran are so creative. They can transform rubbish into something useful like a bag, purse, and many more. I want to see how they fight with their life based on home industry. They produce crackers, ice, palm sugar and they make it in traditional way

November 8th 2010

Gosh!!! Finally I’m awake after slept under unbeaten painful leg. I’ve just bike around Pangandaran yesterday and because of yesterday was the first time I moved my muscle in the last 5 months and “painfully leg” is what I got. BUT!!!!! The yesterday biking was so fun. We went to Indomaret, market , curch (yey!!! Pangandaran has church), we also went to places that reminds us our first time in Pangandaran such as Rinjani Homestay and the road along Pangandaran beach. Nature Reserve was the last places we visisited. Guess What??? There were few of deer trying to find something to eat in the rubbish bin at the beach. I was so sad and amazed. I was sad because their changing habit, deer isn’t supposed to eat rubbish, they eat grass. That’s because the tourist and community who came to natural reserve gave them feed them with human food. I was amazed because I finally could see them in their habitat and for me it’s a rare moment. The LWG team was so friendly last night. They asked us to join them in every activity and we’re so happy. At least we would spend our time here with hundreds of interesting activities. I never expected I will play basketball here. Mr Aby, one of LWG team, asked us to play with his student and sharing information about Bali with them. He also invited us to hike with them to see the Pangandaran from the top. It will be FUNTASTIC!!!!

November 11th 2010

Yesterday was another big day in my life. We’re walking around nature reserve after walking through the boulevard. We didn’t get any vehicle, so we walk by foot. My nose were getting red and its soon turns black because I forgot to put my sun block on. Damn the UV!!!! Haha. That was a first day survey. It’s hard for us to find the guest. FYI, Pangandaran will be full of tourist on weekend. So it’s useless find the tourists on weekday.
White Sandy beach is a very nice beach compare with another beach around Pangandaran. I went there and I just found the hidden paradise in Pangandaran. Unfortunately, the beauty of the beach isn’t the same like the underwater living. When I was snorkeling I found that most of the corals were broken, It’s bleaching everywhere and the fish were fewer that any spot I ever been snorkeled. I hope that the coral conservation program will work on it.

November 12th 2010

I found a little problem on found guest yesterday. But there were few guests in Mini Tiga Homestay. After collecting the data my friend and I bike around the west beach. The beach was pretty cool and we took some (a lot) pictures. There are a lot of places in Pangandaran that I haven’t explored yet. I am looking forward to visit Pangandaran in the future.