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Pangandaran-West Java

November 8th 2010

Yey! I’m in Pangandaran right now. Once I feel so depressed bcause I have a lotta thing to do. But in other hand, I think this 2 week ahead will be the best time during my internship program. Indonesian Ecotourism Network or Indecon is the NGO I work with (trainee). They send me to Pangandaran to learn more about their biggest project in time which is Destination Management Organization based on Community Based Tourism in Pangandaran. This is my second time visiting Pangandaran. First time I came here was also with Indecon. We came on fasting time, so it’s hard for me to find places to eat. To reach Pangandaran from Jakarta we spend 6 hours using private car. It’s a long way down journey yet exhausted.
White Sandy Beach
This time I lived in Local Working Group (LWG) Pangandaran base camp. I called it “office house” because it’s LWG’s office and also home for people who come to Pangandaran and work with Indecon. LWG is the organization I work with during my stay in Pangandaran. I currently live in the house with Mr.Chairul and Eben.
Workshop is the program I’m attending right now. It’s about the program on developing Pangandaran as a Tourism Destination. Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) as a planner is working together with Indecon, LWG Pangandaran and the Government of Ciamis Regency. By the way I hate that most of participants in this workshop are smoking in the meeting room. Its which is an air conditioned room. Hmmmm.
I’m so excited to be here, so here are the things to do in Pangandaran based on information that I get:
Let’s start from the most important one (the reason why I’m here):
·         Mapping
Me and my friend (eben) will bike around Pangandaran and revise the old map of Pangandaran because there are some mistakes on the old one.
·         Tour Classification, we will divide the tour based on ecotourism principles. It’s also kind of product survey.
·         Market Survey, we will spread the questionnaire for domestic and international tourist who visiting Pangandaran. Its about why they choose Pangandaran, what they like and don’t like in Pangandaran, what they do In pangandaran, how they get the information and many more.
·         Last but not least is helping the LWG during their community development program inn Pangandaran.
Snorkeling Set
List for Having FUN!!!
·         Snorkeling (the cheapest one)
In Pangandaran we can snorkeling by spend only IDR15.000 for snorkel, google and fin. And there’s no time limit. Wow!!! I’m waiting for the best time for snorkeling. I can’t wait toput my google on!!!
·         River Cruising (Green Canyon)
This is the most wanted spot I want to visit in Pangandaran. When people talked about Pangandaran, they talked about Green Canyon. So, I have to put this spot on my most wanted spot list.
·         Batu Karas (Surfing)
It’s a Beach for surfing.  What about learn to surf?? It’s my guilty pleasure. Let’s rock the wave!!!
·         Taman Wisata ALam (Nature Reserve)
The waterfall sets in Nature Reserve is the place I want to visit. I also want to explore the forest and find the white sandy beach. Uhuuiiiii.
·         Body tubing (Citumang River)
One of my LWG colleague said that Citumang river is better than Green Canyon, and I just like REALY????  So, let’s see what lies behind CITUMANG river
·         Meet the locals
Local communities in Pangandaran are so creative. They can transform rubbish into something useful like a bag, purse, and many more. I want to see how they fight with their life based on home industry. They produce crackers, ice, palm sugar and they make it in traditional way

November 8th 2010

Gosh!!! Finally I’m awake after slept under unbeaten painful leg. I’ve just bike around Pangandaran yesterday and because of yesterday was the first time I moved my muscle in the last 5 months and “painfully leg” is what I got. BUT!!!!! The yesterday biking was so fun. We went to Indomaret, market , curch (yey!!! Pangandaran has church), we also went to places that reminds us our first time in Pangandaran such as Rinjani Homestay and the road along Pangandaran beach. Nature Reserve was the last places we visisited. Guess What??? There were few of deer trying to find something to eat in the rubbish bin at the beach. I was so sad and amazed. I was sad because their changing habit, deer isn’t supposed to eat rubbish, they eat grass. That’s because the tourist and community who came to natural reserve gave them feed them with human food. I was amazed because I finally could see them in their habitat and for me it’s a rare moment. The LWG team was so friendly last night. They asked us to join them in every activity and we’re so happy. At least we would spend our time here with hundreds of interesting activities. I never expected I will play basketball here. Mr Aby, one of LWG team, asked us to play with his student and sharing information about Bali with them. He also invited us to hike with them to see the Pangandaran from the top. It will be FUNTASTIC!!!!

November 11th 2010

Yesterday was another big day in my life. We’re walking around nature reserve after walking through the boulevard. We didn’t get any vehicle, so we walk by foot. My nose were getting red and its soon turns black because I forgot to put my sun block on. Damn the UV!!!! Haha. That was a first day survey. It’s hard for us to find the guest. FYI, Pangandaran will be full of tourist on weekend. So it’s useless find the tourists on weekday.
White Sandy beach is a very nice beach compare with another beach around Pangandaran. I went there and I just found the hidden paradise in Pangandaran. Unfortunately, the beauty of the beach isn’t the same like the underwater living. When I was snorkeling I found that most of the corals were broken, It’s bleaching everywhere and the fish were fewer that any spot I ever been snorkeled. I hope that the coral conservation program will work on it.

November 12th 2010

I found a little problem on found guest yesterday. But there were few guests in Mini Tiga Homestay. After collecting the data my friend and I bike around the west beach. The beach was pretty cool and we took some (a lot) pictures. There are a lot of places in Pangandaran that I haven’t explored yet. I am looking forward to visit Pangandaran in the future.

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