Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Busy Batur

Here’s the story of our journey To Mt. Batur

December 2nd 2011

It started in a rush. Everybody wasn't ready for the hike. We were invited by Eka and friends. On my group, we had Jovan, Wahyu, Agung, Janet and I, on the other group were Eka, Yoga and Windy.

First, we all went to Bangli, to Penglipuran Village to met Wahyu. Eka and friends was waiting us at Penelokan, near Mt. Batur.  My group went separately. Jovan went first because he had to drop Mrs. Tirta (our lecturer) at Sanur Beach Hotel to attend a meeting. I went with Janet and we waited for 2 hours for Beni and Agung in KFC Sanur, because they hadn’t prepared yet. Damn!!! After two hours of waiting, they came and we just realized that we forgot bring our tent. That was a mess!!! We had a little tension blaming at each other. After had a call with Eka, she guaranteed that their tent met the amount of us. So we decided to continue our trip.
Once we arrived in Penglipuran, we went to Wahyu’s home. We met his lovely parents; they welcomed us friendly and made us feel like home. Penglipuran is one of tourism villages in Bali. It attracts a lot of tourist to come and see the uniqueness it has such as the traditional houses which are all the same and their tradition and way of life. After had a little chit chat with the parents, we all were off to Penelokan, Kintamani to met Eka and friends. We talked for a while and made a little introduction, because most of my team didn’t know Eka’s friends. 

It took 15-20 minutes to reach the Batur centre of information for trekking from Penelokan. We all registered and paid IDR 10.000 for the retribution that will be using for conservation. We got some information about do and don’t while trekking. We didn’t hire a guide or porter. We wanted to keep our journey became our own adventure. 

Comparing with Rinjani, Batur is easier to hike. We only need 2-3 hours to the peak. There were flies around the mountain. It’s kinda disgusting, especially when we the flies covered all our backpack and body. Yaksss. I hate it so much, but kept going. In the middle of the route, we found a white cloth covered around the mountain. It’s the tradition of Balinese which is against the earthquake that happened few months ago. They did it in order to ask God to keep them safe and there won’t be any disaster attacks them.
Hiked Batur is easy and fun to do. It was sweaty, dusty yet dirty and rocky. We had to be careful because it’s slippery. Finally, we reached the peak. It’s cloud up here. But we still had fun. We tried to find a perfect spot to built our tent, and in 10 minutes our tent stand perfectly :D. We took some pictures and made video of us. We crazily happy talking about the hike, there were a lot of silly stories. Most of them were new on hike a mountain, so they were so excited once they reached the peak and built a tent. They happy, that finally they could sleep under the tent. Hahah. 

We stayed in a big tent with a hole in its door, so we could feel the wind came into tent. It’s fit for 9 pax. We collected the branches and lit the fire. We gathered around the fire and had dinner. It was a simple dinner. Biscuits, peanuts and breads become the appetizer. We mostly brought snacks and milks. We were sharing about traveling and talking about jokes. That night was fun and we spent the rest of the night laughing at each other on the tent.
the temple and the white cloth
hike hike hike to the top

December 3rd 2011

We woke up on 5 a.m. unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the sunrise because of cloud. We decided to go down the mountain and starting clear up everything. It only needed 1 hour to go down the mountain. After a long way down the mountain, we arrived at the information centre. We went to the hot spring that organized by local people to warm up, but sadly it’s closed. So we went to local warung and enjoyed Babi Guling for breakfast. It tasted good and hot. We went back to Wahyu’s home; his parents served us some tropical fruits and traditional snack called RUJAK CEMCEM. It’s sour and fresh. We cleaned up ourselves and took some rest. On the evening before we went back to Nusa Dua, we explored the village. It’s my 4 or 5 times being there but I never get bored with the village. We took some pictures, then prepared to Nusa Dua.
For me, it’s hard to end a trip. I feel like I lose some energy. But I believe there will thousands of journeys that I will pass ahead. And it’ll be fun, fierce and phenomenal.
See you in my next trip!!!

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