Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Muddy Journey in Manggarai-Flores

hei hoooo.....

happy new year everyone... :D:D:D
I just came back from my hometown, Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia.
i spend 3 weeks for holiday and celebrating xmas and new year with my lovely family and relatives. It was one of my wonderful moments I spend with them. I had a little reunoin with my old friends in Ruteng (Lia, Nando, Hendra, Dewo, Prisca).
we went to Rana Mese Lake and The Spider Web Rice Field. those to places are sooo perfectly beautiful.. Although we're attack by heavy rain, but the spirit of travelling keeps us going..
me n team
Rana Mese Lake is located in East Manggarai. It has green colour and surounded by the forest. unfortunatelly the organization which managed the lake seemed doesnt care. it has no entrance fee and no securities. Most of the sign board are broken. :( Ranamese needs a good maintenance from government, society and other organization.

rana mese lake
 The Spider web rice field (lingko lodok) located in Cancar, Manggarai. It has more than 2 spider webs. It was the old local tradition on land sharing using fingers as the measure tool. the centre of the field called "lodok" on locals language. I know very little information about this two places. but i will looking for it and post it as soon as i can... if you guys have the detail information, please feel free to give comments. :D
the stunning web spider rice field
On the way back to Bali from Flores, I have a really unexpected moment. my trip from Borong to Ruteng (Main Town) was ruined by two landslides. i have to change bus for 3 times till i reach the town in Ruteng. Lerang and Poka is the location where the landslide took place. i crossed the bridge full of dirts and fallen trees and of course heavy rain.. People, plese stop cutting trees!!!!!
i started to think that my hometown is on an endangered situation. :( lets do something together dudes. what will we give to our next generation??? its our duty to keep it safe.....

people were crossed the mud

landslide covered the bridge

landslide in Poka
I may suggest no to travel to Flores on wet season. the climate is so extreme. the sunshine could disappear in a minute,,, dry season is the best time to visit Flores,,,

Keep Sharing,,,

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