Monday, July 14, 2014

Lombok Weekend Getaway!!!

Saturday, 5th July 2014

Nothing could make me happier when Arifin and I just spontaneously decided to have a weekend getaway in Lombok.
We just having a relax Saturday in Virgin Beach, Karangasem-Bali when the idea popped in our head. I directly called mba Eva (she lives in Lombok). One thing that I knew for sure that she will be happy having us visiting her lil family and asking us out to have fun in Lombok.
After a cheerful convo with Eva, Arifin and I got on the vespa and off to the port at Padang Bai - Karangasem.
We got ferry ticket for 7pm and it cost IDR 112.000,- per motorbike. It took 4 hours to get Lombok and I spent my precious 4 hour sleeping in the couch.
We arrived at 11 pm then directly heading to Mataram-the city centre. Eva sent me her location and we thank Google for not letting us get lost in the middle of the night.
Arriving to Eva’s home, we are welcomed with warm hugs from her and warm smile from Mas Alta (Eva’s hubby), her lil bro, Ardi and her friends. Eva served us with delicious foods and we were so exciting that we could meet after plenty of plans on meeting each other.
I’ts 4 a.m and I hoammmm fell asleep…zZZzzzzZZZZZZzzzz

Sunday, 6th July

Yuhuuuu. Welcome sunny Sunday!!! We’re planning to explore Selong Belanak and Semeti Beach at the south part of Lombok.
We are so exciting!! Due to fasting time, we bring our own lunch box and snacks, just in case nobody sells lunch. It’s only three of us, Arifin, Eva and me. We drove motorbike to reach the location; it’s the cheapest and easiest way to travel.
After 2 hours of driving through the corn field, green-yellow hills with palm trees along side of the road, we finally arrive at Selong Belanak Beach.. I can’t stand for its beauty. The crystal blue water, the sun, the hills and the landscape is soo perfect. I just can’t find the right word to express.
Selong Belanak Beach-Lombok

Selong Belanak beach is the perfect beach for swimming, learning surfing and sunbathing or just hang out with friends. The local built bamboo huts (which for me is very eco-friendly) as beach hut café for the visitor. They served us grilled fish, young coconut, soft drinks and snacks.

Semeti Beach-Lombok

Feels like I'm on the top of the world :)

We spent 3 hours at Selong Belanak and at 4 pm we continued to Semeti Beach. Semeti Beach is located 15 minutes from Selong Belanak Beach. It offers scenic panorama along the way to the beach. Once we arrived, I felt peace and happy. For me Semeti Beach has two souls, because when I stood in the middle of the beach, in my right side I could see the beach of everyone’s dream and on my left side I could travel back many years ago. It’s because of the stone which look similar like what I’ve seen in the Flintstone movie. And also, it looks like kryptonite but its black and brown. You could find plenty of them unite and become stunning stone hills.


Me and Mba Eva

I thank God for this wonderful experience and  I hope whoever reads this article will soon go to Lombok and find these two paradises.
There so much more hidden paradises to be explored in Lombok, but times run out quickly and I need to go back to Bali to work and saving for another trip and adventures.

See you in the other thousand words….
  • Special thanks to Mba Eva and Mas Altha. Hope to see you guys soon!
  • For my Holland sister, Doris: I wish you were here, enjoying the journey. But I believe sooner or later will be travelling together and I hope Milly would like to join J  Kuss kuss