Friday, December 13, 2013

Travel on Duty!!!

Hi all, at this time I would like to share about some destination I visited this year.
Most of the destinations I visit are the places where I have project with the company I work with.
At the beginning of this year I worked for BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2013 (BMBM’13). Mr Andreas as the project manager asked me to join the team as the project administrative. It’s a big pleasure for me to work with him. I first worked with him on Bali Triathlon 2012. The main base of BMBM’13 project is in Bali, so we spent a lot of time arranging the event in Bali. One day I have an opportunity to go to Jakarta to help the promotion of BMBM’13 by held Jakarta Mini Marathon at Senayan. Jakarta Mini Marathon was a continuance of Bali Mini Marathon which was held in Renon, Bali.
The runners were exited to running 5km. They queued to get the BIB and free T-Shirt.  It was a grateful moment meeting new people and I was WOWING to see their enthusiasm on running as a healthy life style.  I only spend one day in Jakarta, so after the mini race I took a flight back to Bali J

At the same time I also worked with Cious Magazine. It’s a free pocket travelling magazine in Bali. So once more I got a plenty of opportunity to travel on duty. The destination I visited with Cious Magazine team was basically in Bali. We went to Menjangan Island in the West Bali National Park. Menjangan means Kijang in Bahasa or Deer in English. It took 20 minutes using boat to reach the island. We put then snorkel, goggle and the fins on and splashing together into the blue sky water. Menjangan Island has a wonderful life underwater. Things that you should do in Menjangan Island are snorkeling, diving, swimming, exploring the island or just lay in the beach J

After BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2013, I joint Rakata Adventure Bali. Rakata provides training for team building, survival training and also an event organizer. As a staff in Rakata, I’m not longer working for Cious Magazine, but I sometime helping BMBM ’13 team to working on race event. On September 29th traveled to Bromo to become a volunteer of Bromo Marathon 2013. I was excited to be there because I want to celebrate my 24th birthday seeing the first sunrise at Bromo. I went there with Yudi, a friend from BMBM’13. Yudi is originally from Pasuruan which is settled very close to Bromo Mountain. It was my first time wen to Bromo. We drove a car for approximately 10 hours from Denpasar. Yudi is a very nice friend. He told everything about Bromo and served me the traditional dishes. We arrived in Wonokitri village on 2 am. Luckily it wasn’t cold as I thougt. So I enjoy the night watching the stars in the clear night sky and breathe the very fresh air from the pine forest along the way. Oia.. Happy birthday Guteri!!! JJJ Wish you have wonderful years ahead. I was planning to go see the sunrise as the birthday present for me. Yudi order me a biker to drove me to the Bromo Sunrise View Point and yes,, the cold air made me couldn’t feel my finger. I’m freezing. But the pain was paid. I really love the sunrise and of course the Mt Bromo itself. Many sellers offered the fried banana and French Fries in Bromo ways. On my way back to Wonokitri, I saw “the love hill”,in this area you could see the Bromo Mt with different angle. It’s terrifically beautiful. If you are visiting Bromo, don’t forget to taste the cow fresh milk. Yummy!!!!

After Bromo, I went back to Bali. Rakata has a community development program in Jatiluwih, one of the world heritage sites. Jatiluwih is known as a rice producer, especially red rice. It also famous with the irrigation system called Subak, which supporting the sustainable of the rice field. What surprised me most is the hidden waterfall in the garden of the local. The waterfall is really beautiful and safe to swim.  Rakata helps Jatiluwih society, especially Gunung Sari village for developing them to be ready to serve tourists independently from preparing the accommodation, the trip, the guide, the entertainment, the traditional cuisine and many more. So, if you want to go to Jatiluwih, you can directly go there (Gunung Sari Village), ask to the local to prepare you a room, take you to the hidden paradise in Jatiluwih, let you taste the great traditional cuisine and learn the Subak system from the expert. It’s a new way to travel, beside you gain more new experience you also directly support the local. Either you or local are happy.

One day after Jatiluwih, I continued my duty trip to Makassar, South Celebes. I was excited to be there. In Makassar we have Makassar Semi Marathon 2013 project. I went to Makassar with 12 friends. We are a part of race management team. First time landed, we were welcoming by the taxi driver. Lil’ bit story about the driver, he drove very fast. My heart was about to jumping outta my chest!!!! We are safely arrived at Daeng Tompo Street, where our hotel took place. I was happy to know that we stayed closed to the famous LOSARI beach (Sad Fact: rubbish is everywhere in Losari BeachL).
Yiihhaaaaa. Dinner time!!! I disappointed with my dinner. It’s really below my expectation. I ate nasi daging. It’s bloddy hard to chew. Hmmm. My other big plan in Makassar was to enjoying the food. Coto Makassar, Palubasa, Es Pisang Ijo, Pisang Epe, and Mie Titi were the kind of food I tasted. To be honest, none of them I like. Sorry. I don’t really have much time to travelling around Makassar. The only place I visited beside Pantai Losari was Fort Rotterdam, one of historical building from Dutch era. It’s a nice place. I love the architecture. Thing that attracted me most about Makassar was the shopping time. I love the linen!! The patterns were so nice and it’s so Makassar the seller said J

I thank God for every chance to visit those beautiful places and THANK GOD IT’S INDONESIAAAAAAA J

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